Tuesday, August 08, 2006

CAMPER ‘PATCH PROJECT’ – TRUCK Gallery’s Outreach Festival Project

TRUCK Gallery is proud to present the CAMPER ‘Patch Project’.
Five different workshops, five artists, at five different festivals in
Take Part In Art & Earn Your Patch !

In order to fill up their sashes with merit badges, Boy Scouts and Girl
Guides work hard learning things about the natural world. This Summer &
Fall, TRUCK and CAMPER want the citizens and visitors of Calgary to
learn something about the art world. The PATCH PROJECT has been
specifically designed by TRUCK Gallery to further this interaction.
This summer five Artists from various backgrounds and practices will be
conducting five individual workshops at five different festivals
throughout Calgary. Workshop participants will be rewarded for their
involvement in the each workshop with an editioned patch, designed by
the artist to commemorate their participation. Please join us this
Summer/Fall and collect them all!

CAMPER, which stands for Contemporary Art Mobile Public Exhibition Rig,
is TRUCK Gallery’s new mobile project space, a converted RV bringing
art to the public and the public to art. Investigating the place where
art, education, the road, and recreation meet, it explores these
intersections in a way that encourages participation, raises awareness,
and fosters education of contemporary art practices.

CAMPER kicks off with two festivals in August 2006:

Poetics as Objects
Saturday, August 19th, 2006, 11am - 7pm
ReggaeFest, Shaw Millennium Park, Calgary

Derek Beaulieu’s Poetics as Objects project furthers the artist’s
desire for the unification of the literary and visual, building on the
existing intersections of these two vibrant communities. As part of the
Poetics as Objects project Beaulieu will be conducting an open
workshop, inviting the public to produce a small edition of handmade
bookworks. Participants in this activity will then receive, upon
completion of their project, an embroidered Poetics as Objects patch.
Reminiscent of a Boy Scouts or Girl Guides merit badge, Beaulieu’s
patch will similarly reward the processes of investigation, practice
and production of handmade books.

Derek Beaulieu is the author of three books of poetry -- with wax
(2003), frogments from the frag pool: haiku after basho (co-written
with Gary Barwin, 2005) and fractal economies (2006), and is co-editor
of the best-selling anthology Shift & Switch: new Canadian poetry. His
visual artwork – which engages with text and readability – has been
shown in group and solo exhibits across North America. beaulieu holds
both a BA and an MA from the University of Calgary and has studied at
The Alberta College of Art and Design. beaulieu was recently described
by Robert Kroetsch as “a leader and an example. His complex awareness
makes his work daring and challenging, readable and influential […] a
model for the poets of his generation.”

Postcard Project
Sunday, August 13th, 2006, 10am - 5pm
Afrikadey! Festival, Prince’s Island Park, Calgary

The Ministry of Walking is a loosely knit collective of artists and
activists dedicated to the promotion of perambulatory activities. The
Ministry’s Postcard Project will invite Afrikadey! attendees to
participate in one of several specially designed walking activities.
Participants will be provided with a Ministry of Walking postcard on
which they will document their walking activity. Upon completion of the
walk participants will return their completed documentation to the
Ministry for archiving purposes and will receive an embroidered
Ministry of Walking patch as acknowledgement of their participation.

The Ministry of Walking began as a Calgary-based collective of
individuals who value the experience of walking as a vital and
integrated part of their everyday life, their work, and/or their
artistic practice. The Ministry holds regular perambulatory gatherings
to discuss thoughts and ideas pertaining to their walking practice and
has expanded to include participant walkers from across Canada. Current
Ministry members include: Donna Akrey, Katherine Bourke, Kay Burns,
Tomas Jonsson, Janine Miedzik, Shara Rosko, Holly Schmidt, Ryan Statz
and Renato Vitic.

Watch for 3 more Patch Project Workshops at Calgary Festivals to follow
in September!

For more info about these events, please visit our website www.truck.ca
or contact us at:

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