Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NoD issue four launch party!

NoD issue four launch party!
Hello everybody,
Maybe some of you have already heard through the grapevine, but for those
that haven't, the grapevine is coming to you. At 7:30, on Thursday October
26th, NoD will be launching it's fourth issue at The Lazy Loaf and Kettle (#8 Parkdale
Crescent NW). The first under the editorial management of Felicia
Pacentrilli and Jane Thompson.
With readings by:
Colin Martin
derek beaulieu
Monique Fournier
Diana Lyuber
Featuring music by:
The Jagatha Christies
Dress up in your scariest costume (or strangest or silliest or most revealing) and join us for Halloween shenanigans.
Who knows, there may even be prizes in it for you (there will be prizes in it for you).

See you there,


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