Monday, January 29, 2007

TorkStar - an online fiction and art magazine

Hello. I'm Derek Gour. I'd like to announce the launch of the first issue of TorkStar (, a monthly online journal of short fiction and art. Though it's on the internet, the magazine is based in Calgary, and I'd like to see more Calgarian (and just plain old Canadian) content in its virtual pages. Submission guidelines are at A rarity amongst literary journals, TorkStar not only publishes the text version of stories, but one of a plethora of talented voice-over artists narrates each story, so you can listen to them on your iPod while you're sitting on the bus. The site also boasts a writing workshop where writers can critique and be critiqued in order to improve their writing. Workshop registration is free and easy.

Four short stories grace the first issue. Karl Koweski's "The Great Ice Cream Robbery" shows us how the Little Rascals might have looked if they were Polish and lived in Chicago. Ben Tanzer explores some seriously anti-social behaviour with "In My Room". Gavin Lambert brings us more personal issues, this time in the bedroom, with "Settling Down". And Deborah Wang rounds out the stories with her strange tale of being left behind, "Shard".

The art department is equally impressive, with Irene Donnelly's "Hybrid Plant Creatures", one of which is the cover image for February. I can't stop thinking of Little Shop of Horrors. Mandy Maxwell continues to spook us out with her haunting images of birds - mostly dead birds. Enjoy!

This is a great first issue. Read it, listen to it, look at it. Send your love to the contributors.

P.S. Sorry, there's no fancy launch party. Still working on that. ;-)

- Derek


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