Wednesday, February 28, 2007

TorkStar - issue two

The second issue of TorkStar has arrived!

This month, we've got the blues.

D.B. Cox kicks off the issue with "A Few Good Things", read by Jeffrey Kafer. As if this story isn't good enough, Colin Martin also interviewed Cox, in TorkStar's first author Q & A. It's a fantastic first interview. Don't miss it!

Our cover artist, Al Satoor, follows up with some art work inspired by the early days of jazz.

Then, Joel Van Noord gets all trippy on us with "Game Theory", read by Tom Dheere. Clay McCann shows us the gripping irony of childhood innocence with "A Dirge For Boys", read by Donovan Corneetz. After checking out Travis Lawrence's art this month, you'll want some of what he's taking when he conjures up his sketches. Don't miss his art feature. And we wrap up issue two with Corey Mesler's "What Lemmy Found In The Woods", read with style by Rob Ellis.

So read, listen, view, and enjoy issue two of TorkStar. And don't forget to visit the TorkStar forum ( to comment on this month's issue, and send your love to your favorite contributors.


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