Tuesday, August 02, 2005

From the desk of beaulieu ('cuz he'll never join this blog)

whoa nelly - i really like the blowout blog - well done mr.ryan! are you planning on keepin it around after the big blow out?

and by the way - check out silliman's review of breathin fire 2!

and also, i count 10 calgarians in PP, not 9 as youve posted (perhaps you didnt count you?):

derek beaulieu, Louis Cabri, Jason Christie, ryan fitzpatrick, Jill Hartman, Larissa Lai, Nicole Markotic, Suzette Mayr, Ian Samuels, Natalie Simpson

and in case your interested, applying the same standards to _Shift & Switch :New Canadian Poetry_, 13 of the 40 contributors, the following are (or are recently departed) calgarians:

derek beaulieu. Jason Christie. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Jay Gamble. Jill Hartman, Larissa Lai, Janet Neigh, Jordan Scott, Natalie Simpson, Trevor Speller, Andrea Strudensky, Jonathon Wilcke, Julia Williams...

oh - and the gauntlet is doing an article on BLOW-OUT too!

take it easy dude!