Thursday, December 29, 2005

MODL Press - A Year in Review PLUS a year in preview

millican01: Jason Christie - "Pass the Doughnuts, Please" / millican02: derek beaulieu - [the orange manifesto]

An attempt to continue my pamphlets that I had made the year before, but I only finished the first two of what was going to be a series of five. These turned out good though. While I like what I did with derek's, I'm especially proud of the pamphlet I made for Jason as it's probably the sharpest and cleanest of all of the pamphlets I've done (in my opinion, I'm sure other people have their own faves).

chap06: Brea Burton, Jill Hartman, & Cara Hedley - Pirate Lore

The second book I published by someone other than me. The first with cover art by someone other than me (Lovely cover art by Sandy Lam). This was one of the most difficult books I've had to layout and build - partly because of the irregular size and partly because the pieces of the three authors were so different visually.

chap07: Asian Heritage Month chapbook - featuring work from Dale Lee Kwong, Sandy Lam and Crystal Mimura

A handout and because of that, it was a bit of a rush job. Done fast on the heels of the TEAM book, I'm not particularly happy with how this book turned out, though, ultimately, I'm glad I made the book. It will be, however, the last time I do a book for hire. More people need to take the initiative to put stuff they want to see published into the world.

chap08: derek beaulieu - ffllj

A cool little chap with then new stuff from derek (he's since pushed this project much further than this). I'm really happy with this book, especially the inside layout which I did by hand (I did the layout for the TEAM book and the Jordan Scott book on my computer).

chap09: Jordan Scott - blert

My favorite book visually this year and I think that this book is indicative of how much the MODL design style has changed over the past year and a half. I have been aiming for a much cleaner style over the books I made last year (esp. A Long Detonation) but still keeping with some of the tics that I like with small press (no pagination, odd binding, no book numbering).

Coming in 2006

chap10: Larissa Lai - Nascent Fashion

Guts designed. Waiting on cover art from Travis Murphy.

chap11: Jason Christie - Robot Poems

Confirmed, but waiting on a manuscript.

plus a couple other books and the possible launch of PIRATE FETISH MACHINE - a project I've been thinking about for a while now.


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