Friday, May 26, 2006

a call for women artists

Hey all, spread the word to the places that matter...


The Stellar Femme Fest 2006 is now accepting submissions. The Stellar Femme
Fest is an almost-annual, multi-disciplinary festival celebrating women in
the arts. This year the festival will take place over the course of two
days, at Motel (EPCOR center) and at a community hall (TBA).
Submissions from artists of all disciplines are welcome. Interest in the
objectives of the festival is essential. Projects that show a consideration
for community (such as collaborative or interactive art pieces) will be
given preference.
The festival proceeds will go to support the establishment of a Campus
Women`s Resource Center at the University of Calgary. All artists will be
given the option of donating their pay, in part or in full, to the center.

The Stellar Femme Fest seeks to make involvement in the arts more positive for women by:
- strengthening and broadening the female artistic community
- Celebrating female involvement in the arts
- Increasing exposure to and knowledge of female artists in the community
- Increasing honest respect for female artists, their artwork, and femininity in the arts
Please visit or email the contact listed for more information.

How to Apply

please include all of the following (A through D):

part A:
A comprehensive description of your project, including all of the following:
-category\categories (visual art, music, film, performance, spoken word, experimental)
-Aims, themes, or intentions of your project
-a list of performers/artists involved and a brief explanation of their involvement
-running time (if applicable)
-a list of equipment you will be bringing
-a list of additional equipment you will require
-venue or sound requirements
-any additional requirements

part B:
A written explanation of your interest in the Stellar Femme Fest, 100-200 words in length.

part C:
Support material for your proposed project.
Please choose the category which will best represent you, and submit into that category only. Do not send originals. If you would like your support material to be returned, you must include a self addressed stamped envelope with your application.

- 5-7 clearly labeled pieces of your work as: digital copies (PC format), slides, or photocopies. (do not send originals)
-a brief written explanation of the pieces you are including.

spoken word or poetry:
- 3-5 pieces of your written work as digital copies (PC format) or photocopies OR
- video or audio recording (as DVD, CD, cassette tape, VHS, or PC compatible digital copy) of you reading/performing your work, no more than 10 minutes in length.

film or video art:
- a sample of your work in VHS, DVD, or digital (PC compatible) format, no more than 10 minutes in length.
-a synopsis of the story (if a full length film or short) OR an explanation of the contents (if video art)

music or sound art:
- a sample of your work on CD, DVD, VHS, cassette tape, or digital copy (PC compatible), no more than 10 minutes in length.
-a brief explanation of your support material

performance art or theater:
- a sample of a project (or projects) that you have been creatively involved in, either as:
a) a video clip in VHS, DVD, or digital (PC compatible) format, not more than 10 minutes in length, OR
b) 5-7 photographs of your project as digital copies (PC compatible), or clearly discernible photocopies
-an explanation of your involvement with that project

part D:
An indication of what you would consider fair payment, as well as what
percentage you would be willing to donate to the Campus women`s Resource

Please send submissions to:

Laura Leif
6047 Dalford hill NW
Calgary AB
T3A 1L5

or by emailing: baCKSeatSatellite@gMail.COM

Entry Deadline is June 25TH.


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