Monday, November 05, 2007

Eleventh Transmission Issue 16! + Launching New Open Mic

Dear readers,

Issue 16 of Eleventh Transmission is now online. Featuring coverage of the 2007 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Plus lots more great articles, poems, fiction, videos, and more!

We are happy to announce the launch of our new open mic reading series:
Passion Pitch Poetry at Oolong Tea House. Wednesday, November 21, 8pm.

Passion Pitch Poetry is a new monthly open mic poetry reading series and showcase that will allow local and visiting artists to perform in a welcoming atmosphere intended to foster personal and artistic growth. Passion Pitch Poetry will happen on the third Wednesday of every month at Oolong Tea House in Kensington (110 10th Street NW Calgary).

Every month, the open mic will be followed by a featured performance by a local or visiting artist. In keeping with Eleventh Transmission's goal of bringing different audiences together, the feature will be a performer in any of a number of disciplines. Often a poet, sometimes a musician, performance artist, or
anyone else that can be imagined with creative use of the provided space.

We are happy to announce that the featured performer for the first Passion Pitch Poetry event will be the always sensational Moe Clark. Visit for more details.


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