Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dog Days of Summer

I always find it amazing how everything dies at the end of August as we wait for September and the new school year. Literary-wise, things pick up in September as Calgary gets a new influx of grad students, Markin-Flanagan gets its big gears turning, and Wordfest announces its lineup. Here's my wishlist for fall:

- Hopkins finally tells us who's reading at flywheel next month, and that he continues the quality of readings that flywheel is known for

- dANDelion announces their new assistant editor and that a new issue is forthcoming sooner rather than later

- Wordfest has at least 1 avant/post-avant/experimental/whatever poet in their lineup this year

- The new grad students at the U of C get involved in the literary community outside of the university (this seems like a crapshoot every year)

I have a bunch of pics from the blow-out that I'll post at some point. I'm hoping to get close to a high speed connection before I do.

Also derek says that Margaret Christakos and Stephen Cain are coming through town this fall. Jon Paul Fiorentino should be through to push Post-Prairie at the Wild Words conference. Things to look forward to for sure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'll add a few things to the list:

- that jordan scott's return to calgary for sep/oct is a beer-soaked one

- that dANDelion's new managing editor, Natalie Walschots has a couple of non-themed issues which can feature radical writing from calgary and abroad without having to categorize (sci-fi, poetry project, absurd)

- that ya'll come to the launches for the new books by local authors Adrian Kelly, derek beaulieu and Jason Christie

- that fS can top issue #33 and somehow get #34 and #35 out before the bells toll on new years eve...

-- derek

3:14 PM  
Blogger mark_h said...

Oh Yeah.

September's flywheel will have the following readers:

Mark Giles
Jason Christie
Chris Ewart
Brea Burton
Jane Chamberlin Grove

... and it's going to part of the official initiation/welcome for the new grad students, so maybe this will help work toward two items on your wishlist!

7:29 AM  
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