Tuesday, January 24, 2006

CALL FOR PERFORMERS - Calgary Poetry Slam

The Calgary International Spoken Word Festival & CBC Radio One Present:

Calgary Poetry Slam – CALL FOR PERFORMERS
Thursday, February 23, 2006 – 8:00 pm
Beat Niq Jazz & Social Club, 811 1 St SW (downstairs)
Hosts: Sheri-D Wilson & Mark Hopkins
$5 at the door

16 Competitors Only! – First Come, First Served – Competition Fee $10
One Poem Only!
Theme: “Irresistible” Time limit: 4 Minute MAX

The Winner:
* Will be featured on the CBC and CISWF websites
* Receives a $400 commission from CBC
* Goes on to compete in the…

CBC Calgary “Irresistible” Poetry Face-Off
Thursday, March 9, 2006 – 8:00 pm
The Auburn, #163 – 115 9 Ave SE (base of the Calgary Tower)

The Winner of the CBC Calgary Poetry Face-Off:
* goes on to compete in the 2006 CISWF Poetry Slam (April 27, 2006) and the…

CBC National Poetry Face-Off

This is your chance to perform at the launch of Calgary’s first major, ongoing Poetry Slam! We’re launching the monthly Calgary Poetry Slam – taking place the last Thursday of every month – with a CBC Bang. 16 poets will each put $10 on the line for the chance to take their work to the national stage and international exposure!

Each poet will perform one poem only, using the theme “Irresistible”, for a maximum of 4 minutes. Reserve your spot ASAP by contacting Mark Hopkins!

Not only will the Calgary Poetry Slam put up-and-coming local poets in the spotlight with celebrated artists, but it will also lead to the creation of a Calgary Slam Team, to compete at Local, National and International Slam Competitions.

Don’t miss the irresistible launch of this Calgary Poetry Phenomenon!

Contact: Mark Hopkins – 403.710.0093 – mark.c.hopkins@gmail.com
Sheri-D Wilson – 403.686.4292 – sheridwilson@shaw.ca


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