Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Honours Colloquium at U of C!

The Folowing is a breakdown on the conference schedule for the Honours Colloquium, 2006:

Monday, April 3.06, 10-1130: Vertue, Chastitee, Moralls and Schole: Verse of the Poets Historicall.
Room SS 1339.

Shelagh Burrowes
Kirsten Inglis
Gabrielle L'Archeveque

Moderated by: Carleigh Brady


Monday, April 3.06, 1230-1330: continued at room SS1155

Suzan Kandalaft
Erin Porter

Moderated by: Shelagh Burrowes


Monday, April 3.06, 1530-1700: Voices From the Margin: Challenging the Status Quo in America.
Room SS 1339

Nerissa Link
Kyla Connor
Sharla Swanson

Moderated by: Suzan Kandalaft

Followed in the evening by imbiblical studies.
Tuesday, April 4.06, 1230-1400: Pop Fiction: The Not So Guilty Secret.
Room SS 1339

Brandon Peters
Alison Hampshire
Colin Martin

Moderated by: Gabrielle L'Archeveque
Wednesday, April 5.06, 1100-1230: Brawns, Booze, and Broads: Attributes of Gender and Sexuality in 20th Century America.
Room SS 1015.

Carleigh Brady
Ranjene Mazumdar
John Siddons

Moderated by: Sharla Swanson


Wednesday, April 5.06, 1600-1730: Three Fathers: Postcolonialism in the Indian Context.
Room SS 1339.

Jordan Baylon
Sheba Rahim
Kyla Stott-Jess

Moderated by: Brandon Peters

Further imbiblical studies, as required.


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