Monday, March 06, 2006

Chapbooks! DIY!

Look! Chapbooks!

I am teaching a chapbook workshop on March 18th at the Alexandra Writers' Centre:

Whoever said small press was small potatoes? Sure, a chapbook rarely nets you more than beer-and-nacho money when you sell a few after a reading, but chapbooks can serve as impressive calling cards, literary ephemera to trade for other books or chapbooks, and a valuable textual link between you and a potential reader.

Bring 1-5 poems or a short short story (postcard) and we’ll use paper, scissors, glue, string, staples, typewriters, stamps and paper cutters in assembly-line-production-style to produce chapbooks under the imprint Alexandrite Press in editions of 30. Lots of examples of chapbooks will be provided for inspiration, and you’ll leave with 20 copies of your own chapbook and 10 different chapbooks from each of the participants (based on a 10 person class size)- an instant collection! While we’re working, you’ll learn lots of handy small press skills as well as tidbits and tips about being part of the small press community.

It will be fun! So fun! Register today!