Monday, May 29, 2006

Call for Submissions for W Magazine

Call for Submissions for the Kootenay School of Writing's W Magazine
W12: The All Music Issue

We are looking for submissions for the All Music issue of W. The focus of the issue is writing that engages with music/musical elements as a mode of composition or (by extension from printed text) performance. Submissions should address writing that has close ties to music (for example: John Cage, Harryette Mullen, Nathaniel Mackey, Catriona Strang/Francois Houle), or otherwise engage with music within their compositional structures. All types of writing will be considered, including poetics essays and critical writing. We will also accept recordings of performances, scores, etc.

Please direct your submissions to the editors of W12. Send your submissions via email; if you would like to submit them via CD please contact the editors before submitting. (Approximate) Deadline: October 01, 2006.

W12 Editors:
Jonathon Wilcke (
Nikki Reimer (

About W magazine:

W magazine, formerly Writing magazine, went online with Issue 6 (Spring 2003). W is published twice yearly in .pdf format on the Kootenay School of Writing website, , and is downloadable free of charge. In the past, W magazine has published authors such as Steve McCaffery, Lisa Robertson, Kim Duff, Leslie Scalapino, Kevin Davies, and P. Inman.

About the Kootenay School of Writing:

A registered, non-profit association and writer-run center, The Kootenay School of Writing (KSW) has been located in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver since its inception in 1984. KSW is not a school in the usual sense of the word. The KSW defines itself as a writer-run centre, analogous to the artist-run canters that have been integral to the development and dissemination of contemporary art practices for the past several decades. Like an artist-run centre, KSW provides a public venue for innovative creative work and as such helps to generate and sustain grassroots, alternative literary communities and to provide significant audience development for writers within those communities. KSW activities include: readings, talks, book and magazine launches, seminars and panels, writer-in-residence programs, reading groups, workshops and multimedia performances.


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