Wednesday, September 13, 2006

call for editors

Hi everyone!
Sorry if I just emailed you about submitting but I have yet another
request for all you ridiculously good-looking and insanely talented
writers (yes I am sucking up a bit)

I was hoping to assemble a bit of an editorial team for NoD, as I don't
want to pick all the submissions by myself and be boring and potentially
biased. Here's where you come in! If you can fit it into your schedule,
you can help choose and edit Nod submissions. The time commitment is quite
minimal as we only publish three times a year. If anyone is interested,
submissions for the upcoming issue are due Wednesday September 20th and I
will be holding a meeting on Thursday September 21st. I will have all the
submissions printed out and we can choose which pieces we would like to
see published. Don't worry if you have submitted something or are planning
to submit something, I will remove the names from the pieces and it will
be an anonymous selection.

If anyone is interested, I would also love love love to start a website
for NoD! I think that would help fuel a lot more exposure than we
currently have. Unfortunently , I have minimal skills in this area and can
not even keep our MySpace site updated. (Someone help!)

You could also help in planning launch parties, be a MySpace blogger,
think of exciting new themes for upcoming issues and help me harass people
for grants. I could give you a title! I will write your name on the inside
cover of upcoming issues! Make NoD a part of your life today!

Thanks guys, hopefully I'll be hearing from some of you soon, and let me
know what time on Thursday works best for everyone! Please forward this on
to anyone else you think might be interested.

Felicia Pacentrilli
NoD Editor


Blogger Laurie Fuhr said...

Sounds nifty Felicia. How can we get a hold of you? ?



11:32 AM  

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