Friday, July 21, 2006

The Calgary Blow-Out

Eleventh Transmission Call for Submissions

Always accepting poetry, fiction, article, photo, and art submission.
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Deadline July 31, 2006 - coming up!

Daft PunkBy changing the world and changing our relation to it, technology alters not only what we create but our very selves. Whereas once epic poems were remembered and spoken aloud, now a seven digit phone number is too lengthy to recall – not when we have a cell phone to do it for us. Does technology bring us together? When you consider two strangers passing in the night, each talking on their cell phones (or new weapons technology), a case can be made for how technology is, literally, tearing us apart.

Then again, much new media, such as Eleventh Transmission (and this blog) exists only in digital form. New technology and new methods of communication create the possibility of new strategies of struggle and resistance, and of new forms of art. Eleventh Transmission is seeking words and art related to the topic of Technology for the August 7 issue.Original poems, fiction, essays, visual, and audio art are welcome. Please include a short biography with your contribution. The deadline for submission is July 31, 2006. Send your submissions to

Deadline August 28, 2006 - You know what they say about the weather.

Halfway between big city and small town. Filthy rich yet without an adequate recycling program (and 3400 homeless!). Hailstorms in July. That’s Cowtown for ya. On Nose Hill Park you are 10 minutes from downtown and you can easily forget you're inside a city, or even that there's anyone else on earth at all. There's something magical about that experience, and there are a few other uniquely Calgary activities that make this city the diverse, vibrant place it is. If you live in Calgary, you certainly have your own ideas about what makes this place what it is.

Share words, poems, and experiences that make this city a unique and vibrant place to live. Tell us about places and people, or that time you took a wrong turn and ended up at Fish Creek Park. Tell us about the pros and cons of our current boom. Tell us even about the weather, because even when you live here it's hard to believe it. Share some cool photos! Deadline for Submission August 28, 2006. Send submissions to