Monday, August 10, 2009

Letter to the Editor FFWD Aug 6 2009 - "Mass Artistic Exodus?"

Re: 'Mass Artistic Exodus?' by Julie Bevan and Anthea Black, Fast Forward, Thursday August 6 2009
Great article, but I'm hoping to correct one important fact. The article states, "Currently, no national arts magazines are published here at home." What about filling Station?

A non-profit, volunteer-run magazine published here in Calgary with national distribution, we began in 1994 as a literary magazine. Since 2006, we have become a literary & arts magazine publishing Fine Art in our pages. (One of our Fine Arts editors has even been Travis Murphy, one of those interviewed for your article!). Our current Fine Arts editor is Debble.lee Miszaniec, an ACAD graduate and practicing Calgary artist. Our most recent issue, #45, brought Calgary artists Scott Rogers, INgjerd Jentoft Karlsen (stet), Koren Scott, and June Hills to the nation via indie bookstores and subscribers, and our next issue features Calgary's amazing Meags Fitzgerald. In July, filling Station added two artist events to its 5th Annual Blow-Out Festival -- a Show & Sale (curated by local artist Janet Biagioni) and a Small Press & Arts Fair. Soon, our new website will allow us to show our artists' work in full colour beginning with the next issue.

Please don't forget about us - we're here for you Calgary! Always openly accepting submissions and looking for volunteers. See for guidelines. Travis & Anne, old friends, we're sad to see you go and wish you well. But you're gonna miss out on a revival at home!

Laurie Fuhr, Managing Editor
filling Station


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