Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Submit to Holy Beep!

Submit to Holy Beep!

On Friday July 20 at Broken City, Holy Beep!, we're having a big beeping benefit for jwcurry's bp Nichol Beepliography. Starring poets Christian Bok, Sheri-D Wilson, Derek Beaulieu, and last-not-leastly Natalie Zina Walschots along with filling Station readers TBA; PLUS music by Chris Ewart & Travis Murphy, Jagatha Christies, Lonely Hunters, Axis of Conversation and Lotus Child.

The filling Station's Poetry Collective is also putting together a limited edition mini issue for Holy Beep! If you have work that is about, after, toward, around or through bpoNichol's work, please send your material to nzwalschots@gmail.com. Comtributors to the event are guaranteed a copy, and all other proceeds will go directly to the Beepliography. Leave your message after the beep; deadline is July 15.


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