Monday, April 02, 2007

Eleventh Transmission Birthday Issue: Spoken Word Spectacular

Eleventh Transmission is one year old!

So it is fitting that in this new issue we present to you what is by leaps and bounds the most jam-packed issue we have ever put out. Scattered throughout the pages of this issue, you'll find:

  • the work of 21 poets from all over the world, including Lynn Strongin
  • the names of the winners of our fiction and haiku contests, including the winning story and the three winning haiku
  • lots of video of hot poetry action
  • a listing of the most popular content from the past year (as chosen by you),
  • articles on hemp, weather, democratic action,
  • an announcement for our new fiction contest,
  • photos from San Francisco,
  • the launch of our new store,
  • and even more!

This issue is so huge, it will take you the full two months to get through it all. Get started!