Friday, September 02, 2005

Shameless Propaganda!

Hey Kids!

You may have remembered some loverly chapbooks being sold at the bookstall at the Fantabulous Blow-Out! Even that recently graced out fair city. A wee, though bright orange publication, called Blow Out!: Pylons, sponsored by the dANDelion Magazine Society and put togetehr by yours truly. In addition to containing some really cool pieces by a number of our brilliant readers, they are ORANGE. Have I mentioned the orange?

More great news: I have a some left! Woohoo! If anyone is interested, a spiffy little volume can indeed be yours for the low-low price of only $3. If anyone would like them, lemme know and I can hook you up. They make great stocking stuffers. Or turkey stuffers. back-to-school stuffers?

all gifts should be stuffed!

Also, everyone who doesn't yet have one, or several, of derek beaulieu's and Jordan Scott's respective chapbooks needs to hit up Fiddy (ryan fitzpatrick for those not in the know =)) for copies. They are *gorgeous*. No, really. No. Really. They rock rock on. You must buy them. One day, you can sell them for millions on E-bay. Really.