Monday, January 07, 2008

Eleventh Transmission v 2, #1 online now!

Happy new year, dear readers!

Eleventh Transmission is starting 2008 off with our best issue ever!

-Calgary Street Portraits by James Tmorow
-Poems by Maryland's Allan Britt
-Rebel Frequencies article on the legacy of Clash front man Joe Strummer

Also, poems from SIX poets, stories from THREE writers, video of ROBOTS EATING CAKE, and more!

(such as an Alberta-only fiction writing contest and Shone Abet at Passion Pitch... but we'll send another note out shortly about those two things).

As always, your feedback is desired and appreciated. If there's something you like or don't like, please let us know!

If there's something that you do like, please tell your friends.



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