Friday, December 08, 2006

December Lullaby

(not strictly literary-related... but come see me act, dammit!)

The Swallow-A-Bicycle Performance Cooperative presents:

December Lullaby

December 15-16, 2006, 8:00 pm
birds and stone, 204 16th Ave NW
$10.00 at the door

Why should theatre be expensive? Come see new work by some of Calgary's hottest emerging theatre artists for only $10!


Ben Charland
Anton DeGroot
Ryan Hildebrandt
Mark Hopkins
Michaela Jeffery
Mat Mailandt
Charles Netto
Dan Perry
Julia Rigaux
Jessica Robertshaw
Jordan Schartner
Kyle Scroter

Five groups of local artists were given a task: create short works using a white sheet, music, and the theme 'lullaby'. The result: adventurous collaborations, undeniable craft and exciting new theatre! Don't miss your chance to intimately experience five never-before-seen projects by up-and-coming creators.

CONTACTS: Charles Netto – 403.397.8559 –
Mark Hopkins – 403.710.0093 –


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Good for you making theatre cheaper, ie. accessible. Now what about those spam comments?!

3:27 PM  
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