Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Calgary MultiArts Variety Show seeks POETS: Sept 23, Soda

Please message, bulletin, blog, or otherwise circulate this query. Thanks!

Seeking poets, artists, musicians, and other talents for the Calgary Multiarts Variety Show, scheduled for Saturday, September 23 at The Soda Lounge in downtown Calgary.

It's a genre-hopping night in celebration of the huge pool of artistic talent in Calgary. As a Variety Show, it will feature short 5-10 minute sets from a variety of entertainers and artists.

At the end of those sets, we would like to have 2 or 3 bands play.

If you would like to be involved as a performer, band, or volunteer, please contact me by Tuesday, September 5 (or as soon as you can).

If you know anyone who would like to be involved, please ask them to contact me or forward this info blurb.

My email address:

My phone number: (403) 999-2566



Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Calgary issue of Matrix... forwarded from Jani Krulc

Hello all,
I'm hoping you didn't just receive a half-completed email that suddenly disappeared from my computer. If you did, my apologies.
Anyhow, I hope all of you are well. Gigi and I arrived in Montreal this morning and we are both fabulous.
So, here's some exciting news: Jon Paul Fiorentino and I are editing an issue of Matrix that will feature prose and poetry by Calgary writers.
That's where you come in: we need you to send us your prose or poetry! You can send it to me at
The deadline for submitting is coming up very quickly. In fact, it is this Friday, September 1st. I'm sorry for the short notice. I just found out about the deadline myself.
If I've missed any Calgary writers, please feel free to forward this email to them.
Once more, the details:
What: prose or poetry by Calgary writers
When: the deadline is Friday, September 1st
Who: send to Jani Krulc at
How: with a computer
Why: because Calgary rocks!
Ok, thanks, and Jon and I look forward to hearing from you!
jani krulc

Saturday, August 26, 2006

September flywheel!

filling Station magazine presents:

The September flywheel Reading!

Readings by:

Luke Devlin
Jim Nason
Felicia Pacentrilli

… and hosted by Mark Hopkins

Thursday, September 14 – 7:00 pm
McNally Robinson – 120 8th Ave SW

flywheel’s fall season begins with a daring mix of prose and poetry! Coming all the way from Toronto, author Jim Nason joins Luke Devlin (University of Calgary creative writing program), Felicia Pacentrilli (editor of NōD Magazine), and Sabo (Calgary Slam Team) in an intimate reading that will blow you away.

Come for the literature and stay for the conversation!

Every month since November 2003, filling Station magazine's flywheel reading series has brought poetry, prose, music, lectures and performance to the heart of downtown Calgary. It is a place for first-time readers to share the stage with professional authors, for Calgary audiences to see their favourite writers alongside the next generation of literary superstars.

Next flywheel: October 17, 2006

CONTACT: Mark Hopkins
403.710.0093 –

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Call for Submissions: Puddle leaflet series

Ideally seeking combinations of verse & visual poetry (yes... in whatever form such combinations may occur). Submissions of work resembling simply either ‘linear’ or visual poetry are also welcome!

Printing format: one sheet of 8.5 x 11" paper, one or both sides, black & white.

Please email poetry in the body of message or as .jpg, .doc, .wpd to . Mail to: Griddle Grin, 377, 532 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1K 4R4

Puddle leaflets published to date have been #1 'two one line poems' & #2 'Moon Potatoes' both by Max Middle & #3 'flatland #21' by derek beaulieu.

For copies of the three leaflets published to date, send an SASE, 8.5 x 11" sized envelope with $1.05 postage (Canadian stamps) & abroad please send $3 in Canadian funds payable to Max Middle, Griddle Grin, 377, 532 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1K 4R4

Thanks in advance for your submissions -

Excellent wishes,

Max Middle

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kootenay School of Writing - Call for Submissions

W13: The Paraliterary Issue

"Interesting, but it's not literature."

The Kootenay School of Writing is seeking submissions for the 13th issue of W magazine, to focus on "paraliterary" or nonliterary writing projects.

The thesis driving W13 is that as the parameters of poetic practice/praxis are reshaped in coming decades, more and more writing that now seems unclassifiable, except as "interesting, but not literature", will become imaginable within expanded, and culturally more pertinent, definitions of poetry.

Below is a brainstormed list of paraliterary possibilities, by no means exhaustive. Note that for the purposes of W13 it doesn't matter if the texts are legit or faked, fact or fiction, personal or impersonal, creative or uncreative.

1. informational texts (surveys; polls; maps; statistical charts; chronologies; diagrams;

2. conspiracy theories; research results)

3. notational projects (diaries; ongoing notes; classroom notes; records; lists; inventories;

4. specialised glossaries and lexicons)

5. annotational projects (annotations of other texts)

6. pseudo theory; pseudo poetics, pseudo philosophy; pseudo theology; pseudo manifestos; pseudo research

7. amateur science and pseudo sciences (investigations into: linguistics; etymology; astrology; astronomy; biology; 'pataphysics or "pataphysics)

8. occult writings (automatic writing; ouija board transcriptions; transcriptions of divinations; predictions; tarot readings of persons or texts)

9. found texts and found text-objects (scans or transcripts of interesting documents; posters; ephemera; ads; letters; notes; signs; report cards)

10. collections of texts (blurbs; phone messages; subject lines; typos in famous works)

11. interviews from interesting social contexts (faked or real; raw transcriptions of speech)

12. documentary writings and mockumentary writings

13. alphabetic projects (new alphabets; spelling reforms; codes; encryptions, stereograms)

14. scriptural projects (i.e., investigations of how scriptural systems and technologies interact with writing)

15. excerpts from artists' book projects (incl text-based photographic projects; photos of book sculptures)

16. photos/snapshots with significant textual content/context

17. conceptual writing; text-based conceptual works

18. uncreative writing

19. text-based visual art

20. outsider writings

21. graphic musical scores

22. certain cut-ups, aleatoric and erasure writings

23. certain visual/concrete poetry

24. certain flarf

25. certain song lyrics (if appreciable as "outsider" texts)

If you're still unsure whether what you have in mind or on hand is right for the issue, direct queries to We can point you to examples of interesting paraliterary works and writers, or talk to you about specific projects and ideas.

In the meantime, the easiest ways to look into the paraliterary might be to pick up a copy of McCaffery and Rasula's anthology Imagining Language, or to check out the Conceptual Writing and the Outsiders sections of UbuWeb. You might also give a thought to the forthcoming anthology Against Expression (Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith, eds.) that will feature a historical range of so-called "uncreative" writings, or look at some of the transdisciplinary writings published in the Western Front's FRONT magazine, and in the better indie zines and micro-magazines. You could also look at the found texts in FOUND magazine, or read up on text-based projects by visual artists.

We're looking for new works/texts, but will gladly consider previously-published material, depending on when, where and how it was published. It can be helpful if the work is accompanied by a brief statement of method, means or intent.

Send submissions by email or by meatmail to:

KSW - CFS - W13
309-207 West Hastings St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H6, CANADA

Submissions due by: December 01, 2006.
If sent by email please write "KSW - CFS - W13" in the subject line
Include SASE and an email contact if sent by snail

W13 pays: $25 CAD per published page, to a maximum of $75 CAD. (And yes, you'll be paid for found texts/text-objects.)

W is published in pdf only, long works are therefore acceptable. There is no particular page-count or word-count requirement or limit, but the budget for W13 is not unlimited. Remember that pdf can accommodate full-colour images, embedded audio files, and weblinks.

Publishing in W means that your work will remain virtually "in print" much longer than in a paper magazine, and will be accessible to a more geographically dispersed audience. Almost every issue of W, including back issues, is downloaded from the KSW website dozens of times per month.


the Kootenay School of Writing's new website
Imagining Language
Found Magazine

Monday, August 21, 2006

call for submissions

NoD is ready to get back into action! He's had a pretty laid back summer, (and hopes you did too.) He's done a bit of traveling, blogging, relaxing and would now like to invite you all to submit to his fourth issue. NoD is quite excited to see all the amazing new work he knows you've been slaving over all summer.

The deadline for submissions for this issue will be September 20th with the release and launch party around Halloween. Why is that you ask? Well, the theme for this next issue will be none other than 'paranormal phenomena'. You guessed it; we want rabid werewolves, hairy witches, gloating goblins, drunken UFO sightings, kleptomaniac ghosts, psychotic headless horsemen, undead murderers- I think you get the point-anything to do with the supernatural. Our mandate and submissions guideline is included below.

Looking forward to receiving your submissions,

Felicia Pacentrilli.

PS- I will be taking over as editor of the mag and am excited for an awesome year! Hope to meet you all at the launch party, it's going to be killer! (sorry, couldn't resist)

Our mandate is to provide a nexus for creative communities in the literary and visual arts, on campus and off. To make a place where both new and experienced artists can publish and perform their work in a professional journal that encourages efforts to replace their creative boundaries.

The magazine is currently published as a 5x8 perfect bound codex on white stock with a glossy cover. Interior work is black and white.

Submission guidelines for poetry: 6-8 pages/poems. Electronic submissions are acceptable as attached files, preferably but not necessarily Word files, jpegs, or pdf's with a density of 300dpi or greater. For fiction/prose, submissions under 1500 words will be given preference; they may be complete pieces or self-contained excerpts from longer works. Hard copy submissions are acceptable provided they are print-ready. If you want them returned, please include a SASE and be aware that hard copy submissions may be defaced in the editorial process. Any work submitted in languages other than English must include an accurate English translation.

Visual work follows essentially the same guidelines: 6-8 pages worth of material max, 300 dpi resolution for e-files, SASE with hard copy. Please note, that while we endeavor to alter submissions as little as possible, some reformatting may be required to publish submitted works. We are also accepting submissions for the cover art.

Any work accepted for publication will be published with a 3 line author/artist's biography and a contributor copy will be sent to the artist. Any work that is deemed hateful or hurtful will be refused.

We publish 3 times a year: in fall, winter, and spring. Individual copies are $6, subscriptions (three issues) are $15, plus a $1.50 shipping charge per copy. To purchase issues, contact us here, email us at or mail a cheque/money order made out to ELSS (English Literature Student's Society) c/o department of English, University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive NW , Calgary AB T2T 1N4.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Blow-Out!

Ever wonder who put the mf'n snakes on the mf'n plane? You did, that's who! Remember kids, filling Station's Blow-Out lit-fest is next week and I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this is the site for collaborative blow-out madness. Feel free to post reviews, announcements, pics, and other randomness about the blow-out as well as anything literary happening in Calgary. That's what this site is meant for. If you feel left out, drop me a line ( and I'll pass you the key. Hott!

Your pal,

ryan "50" fitzpatrick

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

CV2 call for submissions

Hey kids --

CV2 magazine is trying to break out of their mold by putting together an issue of the kind of poetry they don't normally publish. The call for submissions is here:


What's your beef with today's poetry? Can't see yourself in the modern lyric tradition -- doing something completely new and different? Then tell CV2 where we can find you!

Deadline for submissions: October 15, 2006

If you are writing anything you think fits the bill, I would encourage you to submit. CV2 is a good magazine that is fairly open to submissions, but for a number of reasons, gets a fairly narrow range of material submitted to them, when they are potentially interested in a wider range of material. So, since they are making a concerted effort to seek out the kind of stuff they don't normally publish, I would encourage you to support them. Their website is and you can find their guidelines there, but this call for submissions is, for some reason, not yet posted on their site.

If you live in Canada, they will accept e-mail submissions. Contact Clarise Foster at if you have questions -- but as I said, the submission guidelines are available online.

-- jonathan

Sunday, August 13, 2006

the pantymelters' second ever show

just a reminder - TONIGHT!

the pantymelters' second ever show, presenting


On solo tour from L.A.!

(with opening set by new Calgary powerpop duo
the pantymelters)

TONIGHT! Sun Aug 13
Vern's Bar, 622 - 8th Ave SW Calgary
8:00 p.m. Cover: $5

Please come out and support your local, plus hear some
great indie talent playing Calgary live for the first
time! Visit the above websites to hear their music.
CDs will be available at the show.

Again, poets who bring material will be featured
between sets! First come, first served.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

CAMPER ‘PATCH PROJECT’ – TRUCK Gallery’s Outreach Festival Project

TRUCK Gallery is proud to present the CAMPER ‘Patch Project’.
Five different workshops, five artists, at five different festivals in
Take Part In Art & Earn Your Patch !

In order to fill up their sashes with merit badges, Boy Scouts and Girl
Guides work hard learning things about the natural world. This Summer &
Fall, TRUCK and CAMPER want the citizens and visitors of Calgary to
learn something about the art world. The PATCH PROJECT has been
specifically designed by TRUCK Gallery to further this interaction.
This summer five Artists from various backgrounds and practices will be
conducting five individual workshops at five different festivals
throughout Calgary. Workshop participants will be rewarded for their
involvement in the each workshop with an editioned patch, designed by
the artist to commemorate their participation. Please join us this
Summer/Fall and collect them all!

CAMPER, which stands for Contemporary Art Mobile Public Exhibition Rig,
is TRUCK Gallery’s new mobile project space, a converted RV bringing
art to the public and the public to art. Investigating the place where
art, education, the road, and recreation meet, it explores these
intersections in a way that encourages participation, raises awareness,
and fosters education of contemporary art practices.

CAMPER kicks off with two festivals in August 2006:

Poetics as Objects
Saturday, August 19th, 2006, 11am - 7pm
ReggaeFest, Shaw Millennium Park, Calgary

Derek Beaulieu’s Poetics as Objects project furthers the artist’s
desire for the unification of the literary and visual, building on the
existing intersections of these two vibrant communities. As part of the
Poetics as Objects project Beaulieu will be conducting an open
workshop, inviting the public to produce a small edition of handmade
bookworks. Participants in this activity will then receive, upon
completion of their project, an embroidered Poetics as Objects patch.
Reminiscent of a Boy Scouts or Girl Guides merit badge, Beaulieu’s
patch will similarly reward the processes of investigation, practice
and production of handmade books.

Derek Beaulieu is the author of three books of poetry -- with wax
(2003), frogments from the frag pool: haiku after basho (co-written
with Gary Barwin, 2005) and fractal economies (2006), and is co-editor
of the best-selling anthology Shift & Switch: new Canadian poetry. His
visual artwork – which engages with text and readability – has been
shown in group and solo exhibits across North America. beaulieu holds
both a BA and an MA from the University of Calgary and has studied at
The Alberta College of Art and Design. beaulieu was recently described
by Robert Kroetsch as “a leader and an example. His complex awareness
makes his work daring and challenging, readable and influential […] a
model for the poets of his generation.”

Postcard Project
Sunday, August 13th, 2006, 10am - 5pm
Afrikadey! Festival, Prince’s Island Park, Calgary

The Ministry of Walking is a loosely knit collective of artists and
activists dedicated to the promotion of perambulatory activities. The
Ministry’s Postcard Project will invite Afrikadey! attendees to
participate in one of several specially designed walking activities.
Participants will be provided with a Ministry of Walking postcard on
which they will document their walking activity. Upon completion of the
walk participants will return their completed documentation to the
Ministry for archiving purposes and will receive an embroidered
Ministry of Walking patch as acknowledgement of their participation.

The Ministry of Walking began as a Calgary-based collective of
individuals who value the experience of walking as a vital and
integrated part of their everyday life, their work, and/or their
artistic practice. The Ministry holds regular perambulatory gatherings
to discuss thoughts and ideas pertaining to their walking practice and
has expanded to include participant walkers from across Canada. Current
Ministry members include: Donna Akrey, Katherine Bourke, Kay Burns,
Tomas Jonsson, Janine Miedzik, Shara Rosko, Holly Schmidt, Ryan Statz
and Renato Vitic.

Watch for 3 more Patch Project Workshops at Calgary Festivals to follow
in September!

For more info about these events, please visit our website
or contact us at:

Contemporary Art in Calgary
The Grain Exchange (lower level)
815 First Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 1N3
V 403.261.7702
F 403.264.7737

Blow-Out 2!!

filling Station Magazine is proud to announce:

Blow-Out 2!!

filling Station's 2nd annual festival in celebrating Calgary's literary talent over 3 explosive days of poetry, prose and community.

August 24-26, 2006

all events are completely free and open to the public.
all events are held at : Motel -- Centre Court, Epcor Centre for the performing arts (205- 8th Ave SE), Calgary

Thursday August 24 7:00pm
Jordan Scott
Jonathan Ball
Kevin McPherson-Eckhoff
ryan fitzpatrick
(break, featuring short films by emerging Canadian directors)
Shone Abet
Natalie Simpson
Andrew Wedderburn

Friday August 25 7:00pm
Jocelyn Grosse / James Dangerous
Samuel Garrigo Meza
Richard Harrison
Natalee Caple
(break, featuring short films by emerging Canadian directors)
Natalie Walschots
Rajinderpal S. Pal
Melanie Little

Saturday August 26 2:00pm
two very special events:
- an open mic! (more news to follow)
- a top-secret event to be announced!

Saturday August 26 7:00pm
Paul Kennett
Jane Grove
Christian Bok
Neil Scott
(break, featuring short films by emerging Canadian directors)
Jason Christie
Nikki Reimer
Jessica Grant

for more information on the festival, filling Station Magazine, or on the performers - please contact
derek beaulieu, managing editor, filling Station
phone 234-0336
this event has been sponsored by The Calgary Region Arts Foundation, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts and The Canada Council for the Arts. filling Station also thanks Pages Books on Kensington -- the festival's official bookseller, and Bubonic Tourist.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Eleventh Transmission issue 5!!

Hi! Just a quick note to let you know that the the new issue is online.

This issue features a mind shattering interview with sheri-d wilson, poems by Wakefield Brewster, Ghana Part III, and a lot more. Check it out! Also, the next issue will feature a Spotlight on Calgary. Send your words and thought about what makes this city great (or not great?) to Deadline for submission is August 28. Check the website for more details.

Eleventh Transmission is now hiring!

Thanks a lot, and take care.