Wednesday, November 30, 2005





Hosted by Mark Hopkins and Mat Mailandt

Eric Barstad
David Bateman
Weyman Chan
Nancy Jo Cullen
Arran Fisher
Catherine Moss
Ali Riley
Bob Stallworthy
Sheri-D Wilson


Sponsored by Frontenac House, Maple Salsa Theatre & SWAN

CONTACT: Rose Scollard 403.245.2491

Monday, November 28, 2005


Reading and Celebration


Amy Carr
Weyman Chan
Richard Gorecki
Joy Hendrickson-Turner
Mary Lessard
Janice Mathie-Heck
sharron proulx-turner
Wilma Rubens
Joanne Underwood
Frances Vettergreen
Yvonne Werkman

Sunday, December 11, 7:00 pm
Oolong Tea House, 110 10 St NW

Join the Wordweavers writing group for an intimate evening of poetry and fiction, in the heart of Kensington, with short readings by a wide variety of local writers.

Contact: Mark Hopkins
710.0093 –

Friday, November 25, 2005

The OFFICIAL dANDelion launch Press Release

Issue 31.2 Launch!
Friday, December 9th at 7:00
The New Gallery—516 D 9th Avenue SW

When is Alberta’s oldest literary magazine new again? Twice a year!
dANDelion magazine’s latest issue features new writing from Sarah
Feldman, jUStin!katKO, Stephanie Dickinson, Paul Hegedus, Mark
Laliberte, rob mclennan and derek beaulieu, to name a few. We’ll be
celebrating with music from Smithjosh, screenings of short film
selections curated by Jonathon Ball (what, you thought he just wrote
Horoscope Haiku?) and spectacular poetry and performance from
n David Bateman (author of Invisible
Foreground, Frontenac 2005).

It’s Friday night, we’re literary, we’re going to out-party the
neighbouring nightclub! Your $5.00 admission nets dANDelion fun and a
limited edition chapbook (first 50 comers are the lucky ones). Those
who snap up dANDelion 31.2 will be entered in a draw for fabulous
literary prizes and the

~*Secret Grand Prize*~

We’re 30, but we’re spry! Come celebrate with dANDelion!

Contact: Jordan Nail, Assistant Editor
(403) 220-4679

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

December flywheel!

filling Station magazine presents:

The December flywheel reading!

Jonathan Ball
Peter Norman
Sharron Proulx-Turner
Eugene Stickland

and hosted by Mark Hopkins

Thursday, December 8, 2005, starting at 7:00 pm
@ McNally Robinson, 120 8 Ave SW

Teetering on the cutting edge of Calgary’s literary scene, the flywheel reading series continues to mix things up this December. With a startling mix of poetry and playwriting, the evening promises passion, surprises and sizzling wordplay.

For more info, contact Mark Hopkins
710.0093 –

the great december sum-up

jeez, yr gonna need a scorecard to keep track of all the fun stuff going down in the 1st week or two of december, eh? just to sum it up (so far):

dec 1 - NoD launch @ Lazy Loaf & Kettle
dec 2 - Rob Budde reading @ McNally-Robinson
dec 6 - shift & switch launch @ McNally-Robinson
(dec 7 - derek turns 32)
dec 8 - fS' Flywheel @ McNally-Robinson
dec 9 - dANDelion launch @ The New Gallery

dANDelion Launch

dANDelion Issue 31.2 Launch Party!


Performance Art by David Bateman

Music by Smithjosh

Short Films presented by Jonathan Ball

Where: The New Gallery -
516 D - 9th Avenue SW

When: December 9th, 2005 7:00 PM

$5 for admission and a chapbook
$10 for admission, and chapbook, and a copy of the new issue
$20 for admission, a chapbook, and a subscription that includes a copy of the new issue

Come on out for a rolicking good time. It'll be yellow.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Rob Budde in town - december 2!

Please join Rob Budde
(author of "catch as catch", "the dying poem" and more)

in town to celebrate the launch of his new book, Flicker

6:30 pm, Friday, December 2, 2005
McNally Robinson Booksellers
120 8th Avenue SW


Hi Everyone,

My name is Colin Martin, I'm the editor of NōD, a new creative arts magazine in Calgary. For those of you unfamiliar with the project, we're based at the University of Calgary and run by the English Literature Student's Society (ELSS) with creative assistance from the Creative Writing Research Group (CWRG). We accept creative work for publication from both student and community bodies and have an interest in any creative work (poetry, prose, visual arts) that can be put on the page.

I'm emailing you for two reasons: first, to let you know about the upcoming launch of our first issue and second, to extend a call for submissions  to be considered for our second issue.

The Issue 1 launch party will be held in Calgary at  The Lazy Loaf and Kettle on Thursday, December first. The doors open at 7:00 and the first reader will hit the stage at 7:30. We have a smoking hot lineup with Jonathan Ball, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Andrew Bretz and Monique Fournier reading their work and special musical guests "the ragtie bandits" featuring the paruresitic styling of the ridiculously sexy James Dangerous. Subscriptions and individual copies of NōD will be available for sale and a door prize draw will be held for all current subscription holders in attendance. If you're in Calgary that night, I hope to see you at the party!

This is also the official call for submissions for Issue 2 of the magazine. Poets and graphic artists, please send a maximum of 8 poems/pages of work; prose writers, we will consider work up to 2500 words as a general rule. Having said this, we are flexible, so if you have a special piece that operates outside these strictures, let me know; I'll be glad to take a look at it. Anyone whose work is accepted for publication in NōD will receive a free copy of the issue they are published in.

Finally, because we are a small magazine just starting out, I would be delighted if all of you forwarded a copy of this email to anyone you know who might be interested in submitting work to us or who might just want to know more about what we do. If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear them and answer them if I can. If you don't want to receive any more emails from me regarding the magazine, let me know and I'll remove you from the email list. We can always be contacted at

I look forward to seeing you or hearing from all of you in the very near future,

Colin Martin,
ELSS VP Publications,
Editor, NōD.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Call & Response (beaulieu & Ball)

The Martian Press is pleased to announce the publication of its fifth chapbook: Call & Response. The book began as a selection of 10 concrete poems by derek beaulieu. Each poem was altered during the editing process by Jonathan Ball to create 10 new works. Each work and its resulting corruption is presented, back-to-back, on a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock. The cards are contained in an envelope along with an 11th "title page" -- each of which is signed by both authors. The chapbook is published in a limited run of 100.

If you would like a copy of Call & Response then contact me at jonathan at jonathanball dot com. Books are $5 each. If they need to be mailed out, that's an extra whatever, probably $2. I am also very willing to make trades -- I actually prefer this.

derek also has a bunch of books -- half the run -- so you can get ahold of him to buy/finagle books as well.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

been working on a new larger (abt 20" x 20") concrete piece for the last few days, and i thot i would post a section of it here and see if any discussion came of it. instead of the tight, logo-like pieces that i have been exploring in "chains" (pieces which have been in NO presses' chains and MODL's fflij and i think in dandelion), ive been letting the image wander a bit away from structure into a more improvisational form. this piece is on hold onto i return from winnipeg on saturday, but i do plan on working on others while gone...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Captain Morgan? Nah. rob mclennan has got new work up at
along with a couple of gals. Also this glamour shot, heh. He's putting out a new fity chap too!

Natalie and Stephen were terrific the other night! Wished for a sound poetry encore though. Does anyone in Calgary do sound poetry at all?
Is anyone equipped? It's the best kind of event to bring non-literary friends to to freak them out.

You're all spiffy!

Monday, November 14, 2005

The January Flywheel Experiment!

In January, four writers enter the McNally stage to twist and reconfigure each others work. We call this the experiment. Our four guinea pigs this time around are:

derek beaulieu
Christopher Blais
Colin Martin
and Julia Williams

Come for an evening of fun and unpredictability! January 12, 2006. McNally Robinson. 7:00pm sharp.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

frogments from the frag pool: haiku after basho

please join The Mercury Press and Pages Books
for the launch of
_frogments from the frag pool: haiku after basho_
by derek beaulieu & Gary Barwin
Pages Books
1135 Kensington Road NW
Calgary, Alberta
featuring readings by both beaulieu & Barwin.
about frogments from the frag pool:
"Who says you can't teach an old frog new tricks, new licks? Here b and B take on B, with echoes of bp, in a way that honours Basho and that does yes "teach the mind again to leap." Their jubilant transribbitations don't inhibit, they inhabit - visual, bounding, unbound, unwound. Does the frog jump into water, or into the sound of water? Both of course, and when the ripples touch us, the joy and anticipation is catching: our hearts jump too." -- Erin Moure
"Delightful surprises lurk within these pages as Gary Barwin and derek beaulieu examine the old pond, the frog, the splash, and the mind of Basho. From the microcosmic “old pond / universes rise & fall / a single splash” to the anthropomorphic “pond holding / its breath...” to the subjective “mind ponding” to the conceptual “splash as a hole in silence” – it’s all here. This book is a grand addition to the reverberation of Basho’s splash." -- Nelson Ball

Friday, November 11, 2005

Shift and Switch!

Please Join The Mercury Press and McNally-Robinson Booksellers as we celebrate the publication of:
edited by derek beaulieu, Jason Christie and Angela Rawlings
(The Mercury Press, 2005)
McNally-Robinson Booksellers
120 8th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
Featuring readings by:
derek beaulieu,
Jason Christie,
ryan fitzpatrick,
Jay Gamble,
Jill Hartman,
Larissa Lai,
Julia Williams
Over 2 years in the making and featuring 41 avant-garde poets from across Canada in almost 200 pages, SHIFT & SWITCH challenges the reading and writing status quo, and questions what a poem may be.
While contemporary poetry anthologies may emphasize traditional lyric poetry, SHIFT & SWITCH offers a unique alternative: radicality, experimentation and innovation with sound, visual elements, mathematics, surrealism and 'pataphysics.
Crack open the spine to this highly anticipated collection, and discover Canada's next generation of innovative poets and their work!