Monday, May 29, 2006

The flywheel EXPERIMENT! - poetry & prose re-mixed

filling Station magazine presents:

The June flywheel EXPERIMENT!

readings by:

Michael Boyce
Samuel Garrigo Meza
Mark Hopkins
William Neil Scott

… hosted by ryan fitzpatrick in an evening of literary musical chair madness!

Thursday, June 8 – 7:00 pm
McNally Robinson – 120 8th Ave SW

The insanity returns: join four local writers for the 5th bi-annual flywheel Experiment, in which they read not their own work – but each other’s! Past experiments have seen Jill Hartman’s poetry dissected into jazz improvisation and Christian Bök’s poems read to an orchestra of toy instruments. Who knows what will happen with this next mix of poets and prose writers?

It’s unpredictable. It’s wild. It’s the flywheel Experiment. Don’t miss out.

CONTACT: Mark Hopkins
710.0093 –

filling Station magazine’s flywheel reading series takes place on the 2nd Thursday of every month at McNally Robinson Booksellers.

Call for Submissions for W Magazine

Call for Submissions for the Kootenay School of Writing's W Magazine
W12: The All Music Issue

We are looking for submissions for the All Music issue of W. The focus of the issue is writing that engages with music/musical elements as a mode of composition or (by extension from printed text) performance. Submissions should address writing that has close ties to music (for example: John Cage, Harryette Mullen, Nathaniel Mackey, Catriona Strang/Francois Houle), or otherwise engage with music within their compositional structures. All types of writing will be considered, including poetics essays and critical writing. We will also accept recordings of performances, scores, etc.

Please direct your submissions to the editors of W12. Send your submissions via email; if you would like to submit them via CD please contact the editors before submitting. (Approximate) Deadline: October 01, 2006.

W12 Editors:
Jonathon Wilcke (
Nikki Reimer (

About W magazine:

W magazine, formerly Writing magazine, went online with Issue 6 (Spring 2003). W is published twice yearly in .pdf format on the Kootenay School of Writing website, , and is downloadable free of charge. In the past, W magazine has published authors such as Steve McCaffery, Lisa Robertson, Kim Duff, Leslie Scalapino, Kevin Davies, and P. Inman.

About the Kootenay School of Writing:

A registered, non-profit association and writer-run center, The Kootenay School of Writing (KSW) has been located in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver since its inception in 1984. KSW is not a school in the usual sense of the word. The KSW defines itself as a writer-run centre, analogous to the artist-run canters that have been integral to the development and dissemination of contemporary art practices for the past several decades. Like an artist-run centre, KSW provides a public venue for innovative creative work and as such helps to generate and sustain grassroots, alternative literary communities and to provide significant audience development for writers within those communities. KSW activities include: readings, talks, book and magazine launches, seminars and panels, writer-in-residence programs, reading groups, workshops and multimedia performances.

Follow the Links for Copyright Information and Action

And ask Colin Martin for more info,

Friday, May 26, 2006

a call for women artists

Hey all, spread the word to the places that matter...


The Stellar Femme Fest 2006 is now accepting submissions. The Stellar Femme
Fest is an almost-annual, multi-disciplinary festival celebrating women in
the arts. This year the festival will take place over the course of two
days, at Motel (EPCOR center) and at a community hall (TBA).
Submissions from artists of all disciplines are welcome. Interest in the
objectives of the festival is essential. Projects that show a consideration
for community (such as collaborative or interactive art pieces) will be
given preference.
The festival proceeds will go to support the establishment of a Campus
Women`s Resource Center at the University of Calgary. All artists will be
given the option of donating their pay, in part or in full, to the center.

The Stellar Femme Fest seeks to make involvement in the arts more positive for women by:
- strengthening and broadening the female artistic community
- Celebrating female involvement in the arts
- Increasing exposure to and knowledge of female artists in the community
- Increasing honest respect for female artists, their artwork, and femininity in the arts
Please visit or email the contact listed for more information.

How to Apply

please include all of the following (A through D):

part A:
A comprehensive description of your project, including all of the following:
-category\categories (visual art, music, film, performance, spoken word, experimental)
-Aims, themes, or intentions of your project
-a list of performers/artists involved and a brief explanation of their involvement
-running time (if applicable)
-a list of equipment you will be bringing
-a list of additional equipment you will require
-venue or sound requirements
-any additional requirements

part B:
A written explanation of your interest in the Stellar Femme Fest, 100-200 words in length.

part C:
Support material for your proposed project.
Please choose the category which will best represent you, and submit into that category only. Do not send originals. If you would like your support material to be returned, you must include a self addressed stamped envelope with your application.

- 5-7 clearly labeled pieces of your work as: digital copies (PC format), slides, or photocopies. (do not send originals)
-a brief written explanation of the pieces you are including.

spoken word or poetry:
- 3-5 pieces of your written work as digital copies (PC format) or photocopies OR
- video or audio recording (as DVD, CD, cassette tape, VHS, or PC compatible digital copy) of you reading/performing your work, no more than 10 minutes in length.

film or video art:
- a sample of your work in VHS, DVD, or digital (PC compatible) format, no more than 10 minutes in length.
-a synopsis of the story (if a full length film or short) OR an explanation of the contents (if video art)

music or sound art:
- a sample of your work on CD, DVD, VHS, cassette tape, or digital copy (PC compatible), no more than 10 minutes in length.
-a brief explanation of your support material

performance art or theater:
- a sample of a project (or projects) that you have been creatively involved in, either as:
a) a video clip in VHS, DVD, or digital (PC compatible) format, not more than 10 minutes in length, OR
b) 5-7 photographs of your project as digital copies (PC compatible), or clearly discernible photocopies
-an explanation of your involvement with that project

part D:
An indication of what you would consider fair payment, as well as what
percentage you would be willing to donate to the Campus women`s Resource

Please send submissions to:

Laura Leif
6047 Dalford hill NW
Calgary AB
T3A 1L5

or by emailing: baCKSeatSatellite@gMail.COM

Entry Deadline is June 25TH.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Oana Avasilichioaei’s Abandon – Book Launch

Tuesday, May 23 – 7:30 pm
Pages Books on Kensington
1135 Kensington Rd NW

Hosted by Richard Harrison and accompanied by poets Weyman Chan and Art Joyce, Oana Avasilichioaei reads from her debut poetry collection, Abandon, this Tuesday.

Abandon is filled with the richness of a country’s history; it melds the legends of Romania with its modern reality in Avasilichioaei’s vivid and insightful poetry. Dragons rub shoulders with bad-toothed mountaineers. Women wash carpets in the river, and builders wall women into monasteries. This rich collection heralds a promising new voice in Canadian poetry.

CONTACT: Mark Hopkins
710.0093 –

The Poets

Oana Avasilichioaei was born in Romania and has lived in Canada since 1987. She is the author of three chapbooks: Occupational Sickness (2000 – translations of Romanian poet Nichita Stanescu), The Dictator’s Garden (2003) and Close Your Eyes (2005). She lives in Montreal, where she is a freelance editor and translator, and a teacher of English and Creative Writing at Dawson College. Abandon is her first book.

Weyman Chan is the author of Before a Blue Sky Moon (Frontenac House, 2002), which received the Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry in 2003. Chan lives and works in Calgary with his wife and two daughters. His poems and stories have been published in several Alberta journals and anthologies over the past 15 years. His poetry also appears in Many-Mouthed Birds: Contemporary Writing by Chinese-Canadians.

Art Joyce has been an organizer of poetry tours and cafes, and a frequent performer on the Kootenay scene, since the 1980s. His poems and essays have been published in various Canadian literary magazines and in 2000 he produced and directed a poetry video, The Muse: chameleon fire, with funding from Bravo!TV. Under his imprint, Chameleon Fire Editions, Joyce has published numerous collections of poetry, including such poets as Chad Norman, Catherine Owen and Margaret Hornby. He has worked as an editor with Horsefly Magazine, published through the Nelson Fine Arts Centre.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Calgary Poetry Slam! - May 25

The Calgary International Spoken Word Festival presents:

Calgary Poetry Slam!

Thursday, May 25, 2006 – 7:00 pm
McNally Robinson, 120 8th Ave SW
Host: Mark Hopkins

The Calgary Poetry Slam, on the last Thursday of every month, puts up-and-coming local poets in the spotlight. With wild energy, dynamic hosts and sold-out audiences month after month, this poetry phenomenon is not to be missed!

10 Competitors Only!

If you want to Slam, arrive by 6:00 pm, bring a $5 registration fee and 3 poems (three-minute MAX, each) and sign up with Mark Hopkins.

The Winner receives a $50 cash prize!
For Slam procedures and rules, please visit

Selected winners from the monthly Slam will create a Calgary Slam Team to compete at October’s Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Toronto, then go on to represent the city in Slams across the continent!

NEXT SLAM: Thursday, June 29, 2006 – 8:00 pm
Beat Niq Jazz & Social Club – 811 1st St SW

Sheri-D Wilson – 403.686.4292 –


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Canadian poets in collaboration

Dear Poets of Canada,
I am interested in hearing from any Canadian Poet who is working in collaboration with another poet on a project. I have recently been engaged in one for the first time and I am amazed at the poetry and ideas generated from it.
I want to propose to a few literary journals the idea of an issue focused on "Canadian poets in collaboration." I am also the co-editor of a journal out of UB called "Pilot" - our inaugural issue is coming out this September and features, among others, the work of Karen Mac Cormack, Lisa Robertson, Rachel Zolf, Angela Szcepaniak, Geoffrey Hlibchuk, and Derek Beaulieu. I would love to devote a portion of our next issue to collaborative projects.
So please get back to me by May 31 at (strudensky at gmail dot com) if you or someone you know is engaging in a collaborative project or has recently completed one and then I can make the proposal with confidence.
Thanks and hope everyone is well.
Andrea Strudensky
Buffalo, Ny

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

An Open Letter

May 10/2006

In response to recent events in which Angela Rawlings has been publicly slagged, we the undersigned wish to vehemently express our love and respect and admiration, both personal and professional, for Angela and our opposition to personal attacks against members of our literary community.

For all of us, the lexiconjury reading series and the lex list have been vital elements of our Toronto writing community. The labour, vision, connectivity, and generosity donated by Angela over the past many years have touched all of us personally and contributed greatly to our practice as individual writers.

Angela, we love and respect you, your community-building impulse and pro-activism, and your brilliant, brave, truly inspired writing project. You inspire and teach us how to build positive community and to lead an integrated artistic life.

Angela deserves our thanks and protection when some among us engage in misguided bitter shallow sarcastic and often sexist behaviour which seems aimed only at finding negative attention and inflicting cruelty.

We also wish to commend Jay Millar, who has found himself in a difficult position as publisher and blog host, for navigating what has been a confusing week.

We realize this letter may provoke general curiosity and concern from those in our community whose backs instantly go up at injustice. We would like to confirm that recent defamation against Angela by specific individuals in the experimental writing community is the tip of an iceberg that we've all observed melting down for some time, and that there have been other targets of abuse as well.

This defamation has taken the following forms, among others: Colleague writers have mocked and/or attacked other writers maliciously and ongoingly in public spaces -- including at readings, and on blogs and websites; and, Colleague writers have colluded in the sexist parodying of the body and private person of female members of the literary community, including at a public reading and on blogs and websites.

Let's ask that we all pay attention to how we treat each other, and if there are future occasions on which we see our colleagues being slagged, that we stand up to it and challenge it directly and openly and quickly. The lex list can be a space of discussion and social justice, which does not mean that we reduce our critical polylogue. Perhaps it means we take ourselves more seriously as writers and humans, read each other's artistic production and, instead of lampooning the generalized idea and quality of our artistic projects, we give it the substantive consideration it deserves.

The below list of signatories is not intended to be exclusive. We believe and know that our concerns are shared by many others in the community. We welcome responses and further dialogue, and we invite you to post this Open Letter on your blog and website to publicly support Angela and others who have recently experienced harassment and to promote equity and collegiality in our community.


Sandra Alland
Gary Barwin
derek beaulieu
Gregory Betts
Christian Bok
Brea Burton
Stephen Cain
Margaret Christakos
Jason Christie
T.L. Cowan
James Dangerous
Beverley Daurio
Carmen Derkson
Kate Eichorn
Chris Ewart
ryan fitzpatrick
Jay Gamble
Jocelyn Grosse
Nadia Halim
Sharon Harris
Jill Hartman
Kevin Hehir
Maggie Helwig
Neil Hennessy
Bill Kennedy
Jani Krulc
Sandy Lam
Camille Martin
Colin Martin
danielle maveal
Lynn McClory
Jordan Nail
Katherine Parrish
Andrea Ryer
Jordan Scott
Natalie Simpson
Natalie Zina Walschots
Alana Wilcox
Rachel Zolf

Sunday, May 07, 2006

ImaginASIAN Writers Showcase

ImaginASIAN Writers Showcase

Celebrate the vitality of Asian-Canadian voices as writers from Calgary and across Canada share their passions and perspectives at the third annual ImaginASIAN Writers Showcase.

Presented by the Asian Heritage Foundation in collaboration with the Calgary Public Library, McNally Robinson Booksellers and WordFest, the showcase will feature writers from multiple genres including fiction and poetry, reading works that reflect the diversity of Asian-Canadian experiences and their contribution to the Canadian literary scene.

By bringing together writers and readers of all ages and backgrounds, the showcase hopes to raise awareness about the essential works of Asian-Canadian writers, while providing a public forum for the general appreciation of literature.

Thursday, May 11 @ 7pm (hosted by filling Station magazine at McNally Robinson Booksellers)

Writers: Aruna Srivastava, Shaobo Xie, Kim Nguyen, Salma Hussein, Kanwalpreet Gill, Rose To

Saturday, May 13 @ 2pm (hosted by Village Square Public Library)

Writers: Lydia Kwa, Shree Ghatage, Sandy Lam, Crystal Mimura

Wednesday, May 24 @
7pm (hosted by McNally Robinson Booksellers)

Writer: Paul Yee, Rajinderpal S. Pal, Dale Kwong, Anila Umar, Saren Azer

On the Importance of Community, Part B

Because this part slots into Ryan's Part A but also hinges off to turn a corner to Part C which slots into Part D which wings of to Part E, Part F, Part G-- well, I won't link the entire thing because it just isn't even possible. Our delicate, beautiful tinkertoy dream machine suffered some blows this week from the kindergarten bullies, and left a lot of us having panic attacks and ranting on the phone, on MSN, and in person.

I am ready to get back in the sandbox and have fun and play again. Sort of a "Take Back the Sandbox" day, that's what it is for me. And I trust my community to get behind me if someone starts kicking sand in my eyes, and I trust my community to notice and tell us when someone's getting cornered down the street, and I trust myself to talk people out of meeting at the bike racks at 3:00 for some ass-kicking and instead play catch—if I can.

All the many accomplishments and exciting projects we all are part of deserve praise and respect, as do, of course, each of us personally. Thank you to each person who made a point of standing up to bullying, and let's have some compassion if it wasn't done quick enough or thoroughly enough or whatever enough—no one likes to find poop in the sandbox, it’s always a bit of a shock.

I've got five new books to read!

Friday, May 05, 2006

at dANDelion Launch Correction

Hi All,

I am corrected it on the original post too, but I just wanted to bring to your attention:

dANDelion Launch on May12th begins at **6pm**



Wednesday, May 03, 2006

dANDelion Issue 32.1 Launch!

Hi Folks!

dANDelion's super-stupendous launch party is coming up soon, so mark those calendars.

When: May 12th, 2006. The doors will open at 6pm

Where: the Art Gallery of Calgary on the Stephen Avenue Walk.

Who: The evening features a performace by the band The Jagatha Christies (which
is made up of ryan fitzpatrick and Sandy Lam), a reading by William
Neil Scott (who's new book, Wonderful, is being published in 2007 by
NeWest Press), and a reading my poet Donato Mancini (author of
Ligatures, New Star Books 2005). At 10pm, the event will be turned
over to a dj, Ben Sargeant, and the Art Gallery will become our own private club. Bring your dancing shoes.

Admission : $5 gets you entry to the event as well as a
limited-edition chapbook created especially for our launch, featuring
work form the editorial collective and volunteers.
For $10, you will recieve admission, a chapbook, and the newest issue
of dANDelion magazine. And, as a special promotion, for $15 you'll
recieve admission, a chapbook, and a subscription to dANDelion that
includes the newest issue. This is a spectacular deal, as the usual
subscription costs $18.

We'll have a cash bar and some munchies for everyone. The newest
issue of dANDelion is going to be gorgeous, and we'd be thrilled if
you could come out and help make this launch the sexiest or sexy

Rock rock on!