Friday, September 29, 2006

W12: The “All Music” Issue

Revised and Extended Call for Submissions for the Kootenay School of Writing’s W Magazine

W12: The “All Music” Issue

(Please note that the KSW is currently accepting submissions for both W12 and W13.)

We are looking for submissions for the “All Music” issue of W. The focus of the issue is writing that engages with music/musical elements as a mode of composition or (by extension from printed text) performance. Submissions should address writing that has close ties to music or otherwise engage with music within their compositional structures. All types of writing will be considered, including poetics essays, critical writing, and hypertexts. We will also accept recordings of performances, scores, etc. Please note that although we are interested in concepts such as sound, performance, and improvisation, we are particularly interested in poetry/poetics that first and foremost conceives itself as having a relationship to music. The editors of W12 wish to compile an “All Music” issue that stands in opposition or as an alternative to what we believe to be the more popular connection between poetry and image (i.e. image-text, installations, concrete poetry).

Below is a list of possibilities and concepts that we are interested in for this issue:

Poetry as improvisation and/or improvised poetry

  1. Improvisation as resistance
  2. Performance as a means of re-mobilizing the written text; i.e. to re-write a written text through live (or recorded) performance
  3. Poetry as a palette of sound/content for improvised live performance
  4. Traditional (oral) poetry and improvised content vs. the apparent permanence of text
  5. Resistance to improvisation in both poetry and music as illegitimate or in violation of textuality
  6. The possibility of performing other poets’ work, re-setting them in a composed fashion (whereas poets often read their own work, what are some possible strategies for performing other poets’ work in ways that avoid simply reading a poem verbatim)
  7. Reading as listening
  8. For example: John Cage, Harryette Mullen, Nathaniel Mackey, the Catriona Strang/Francois Houle duets, Louis Zukofsky, Amiri Baraka, The Four Horsemen

Please direct your submissions to the editors of W12. Send your submissions via email; if you would like to submit them via CD or other media please contact the editors before submitting. (Approximate) Deadline: January 01, 2006. If you are unfamiliar with W magazine or the Kootenay School of Writing, please take the time to read our website:

W12 Editors:

Jonathon Wilcke (

Nikki Reimer (

W12 pays: $25 CAD per published page, to a maximum of $75 CAD. (And yes, you'll be paid for scores, hypertexts, etc.)

W is published in .pdf only; long works are therefore acceptable. There is no particular page-count or word-count requirement or limit, but the budget for W12 is not unlimited. Remember that pdf can accommodate full-colour images, embedded audio files, and weblinks.

Publishing in W means that your work will remain virtually "in print" much longer than in a paper magazine, and will be accessible to a more geographically dispersed audience. Almost every issue of W, including back issues, is downloaded from the KSW website dozens of times per month.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

AREA SNEAKS: Call for Work

AREA SNEAKS: Call for Work

The historical relationship between art and language has often
occasioned lively and compelling work. AREA SNEAKS, a new print and
online journal, seeks to touch the live wire where language and visual
art meet.

Gertrude Stein's Paris artist salon, Velemir Khlebnikov and Vladimir
Tatlin's constructive collaboration, Bernadette Mayer and Vito
Acconci's editorial partnership, Augusto de Campos's concrete
engagement with Brazilian modernism and Mike Kelley's interest in
systems of literary knowledge have each provided potential models of
positive exchange between artists and writers. AREA SNEAKS hopes to
maintain this dialogue by creating a fellowship of discourse within an
open community of contemporary artists and writers.

AREA SNEAKS seeks work drawn from the full range of visual and
language arts. We are interested in placing artists and writers
working in a variety of media and with a variety of materials into
dialogue. Artist projects, poetry, historical papers, speculative
essays on art and language, poetics statements, collaborations,
imaginative theses, conceptual writing, photographic essays,
performance documents, interviews with artists and writers,
architectural critiques and film analyses are only a few of the types
of work we will consider.

Submissions and proposals are accepted by email and post.

Deadline for Issue 1: January 15th, 2007.
Submissions received after January 15th will be considered for future

Email submissions:
All email submissions or project proposals should be sent to
Please send submissions as a Microsoft Word document attachment and
include a brief cover-letter; images should be sent as an attachment
in GIF or JPEG formats.

Postal Submissions:
Send your submission along with a brief cover-letter, contact
information, and a SASE to
Joseph Mosconi
1588 Oak Grove Dr.
Los Angeles, CA

Monday, September 18, 2006

Calling All Poets
Legacy magazine is sponsoring a poetry contest on the theme "This Place," and is pleased to announce that celebrated Alberta poet, Douglas Barbour, will be our judge.

Poems may be up to 500 words, unpublished or previously published. Deadline for submissions is November 1, 2006 and the entry selected by our jury will appear in the Spring 2007 issue. The winning poet will receive $150 and three complimentary copies of the issue.

Entry fee is $20 and includes a one-year subscription to Legacy.
Please submit the title of the poem and author information in a cover
letter. Do not include author's name on the poem itself. Manuscripts
will be returned if a SASE is included.

Mail your submissions to:
9667 - 87 Avenue
T6C 1K5

Paper Dolls: workshopping and performing the body

Women, Creativity and Political Voice present:
Saturday, September 30
at Stellar Femme Fest

Paper Dolls:
workshopping and performing the body

A visual art, writing, movement and sound workshop/performance to engage participants in a personal/political dialogue with the contemporary female body--starting with their own.

We will use a combination of writing, art and theatre exercises to engage ourselves in a conversation with our bodies and with each other, starting with the making of giant paper dolls. Out of our individual and collective efforts on Saturday afternoon we will put together a 20 minute performative work that interested workshop participants will orchestrate and perform on Saturday night.

Workshop will be held at:
203 – 351 11th Ave. SW
from 11am to 4pm

Performance will be at:
Saturday evening Stellar Femme Fest closing event starting at 7pm
Mission Bungalow
2201 Cliff St. S.W. (1 block west of 5th St and 22nd Ave S.W.)

Participation in the performance is not mandatory.

Wear comfortable clothing.
a bag lunch
a favourite quote on the body

For further information or to register, please contact
Sarah Murphy at
(403) 281-7594

Thursday, September 14, 2006

rob mc runs into Frances Kruk in England!

Check out rob's blog, this part in particular:

Also he found some publications including other Calgary writers over there, and some 0ther Canadian poets floating about.

Single Onion Wed Sept 20, Cafe Koi, 9 p.m.: K.L. McKay, Shone Abet, Laurie Fuhr, Trevor Tchir (music)

Please forward - thanks!


WHO: The Single Onion Poetry Night #47

WHAT: A night of poetry, prose, music and mayhem. With poetry by K.L. McKay, Shone Abet, Laurie Fuhr and hosted by Kirk Miles. With music by Trevor Tchir

WHEN: Wednesday, September 20th, at 9 PM

WHERE: Café Koi, #100 – 1011 1st Street SW

COST: Free due to our sponsors Brew Brothers, Fitter First, Dean Stanton, The League of Canadian Poets, The Triangle Gallery, Canada Council for the Arts and


K.L. McKay arrives to Edmonton via Ottawa. Her first collection of poems is “Barefoot Through the Pickybushes”. She also has a chapbook published through the Olive Reading Series. K.L. is the founding editor of Spire Poetry Poster, a monthly broadside series since 2003. Once a week for three years, K.L. co-hosted the Café Nostalgica
Poetry and Music Open Stage along with folk musician Trevor Tchir.

Shone Abet comes from a long line of artists, poets and generally creative folk. She currently resides in the city of Calgary, where by day she lives the life of an eclectic office professional and by night the life of a poet, spoken word performer, author, and queer activist. She is performing at the Stellar Femme Fest and in the upcoming Calgary MultiArts Variety Show, September 23rd at The Soda Lounge.

Laurie Fuhr has lived in Germany, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Cold Lake, AB.
Her poems have been published in anthologies such as evergreen: 6 new poets (Black Moss Press 2002) and in publications across Canada. Laurie hosts the first ever Calgary MultiArts Variety Show ask her about it she is sure to plug it.

MUSICIAN: Trevor Tchir has been writing and playing songs about the people and places of Canada for the past ten years. He completed a 25 date solo tour from Alberta to Newfoundland, his first cross-Canada venture. His third and most recent album is "Wooden Castles Fall”.

Single Onion happens (usually) the third Thursday of the month, ten times a year. Our event schedule can always be found at: Look for Christian Bok in October and David Bateman in November!

Calgary MultiArts Variety Show PRESS RELEASE

Please forward.. thank you! Hope to see you there!


The Calgary MultiArts Variety Show is an exciting new event featuring short sets by local musicians, poets, filmmakers and actors, followed by 3 local bands!

Bands: Ghostkeeper and Light City Fiction with The Jagatha Christies;

Musicians: Aaron Booth, Danielle French, Spencer Davis (The Incandescence), Phaedrus Gatherman, and the pantymelters (duo feat. Gareth Williams);

Poets: Shone Abet, Carmen Derkson (filling Station), Fred Holliss (Single Onion), Kirk Ramdath (Calgary SLAM Team),, Jocelyn Grosse & James Dangerous (music & poetry), and Colin Martin (NoD Magazine);

Play by Charles Netto’s Swallow a Bicycle Productions;

Short Films by Garth Whelan and Barb Maier.

MC’s: Mark Hopkins and Laurie Fuhr.

Don’t miss this Celebration of Calgary’s Imagination!

Saturday, September 23, The Soda Lounge, 211 – 12 Ave SW. Doors at 6:30 p.m., event at 7:00 p.m. Tickets: $10 at the door, $8 in advance at Megatunes and Pages Books on Kensington. More info: 999-2566 or visit

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Laurie Fuhr at 999-2566 or

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

call for editors

Hi everyone!
Sorry if I just emailed you about submitting but I have yet another
request for all you ridiculously good-looking and insanely talented
writers (yes I am sucking up a bit)

I was hoping to assemble a bit of an editorial team for NoD, as I don't
want to pick all the submissions by myself and be boring and potentially
biased. Here's where you come in! If you can fit it into your schedule,
you can help choose and edit Nod submissions. The time commitment is quite
minimal as we only publish three times a year. If anyone is interested,
submissions for the upcoming issue are due Wednesday September 20th and I
will be holding a meeting on Thursday September 21st. I will have all the
submissions printed out and we can choose which pieces we would like to
see published. Don't worry if you have submitted something or are planning
to submit something, I will remove the names from the pieces and it will
be an anonymous selection.

If anyone is interested, I would also love love love to start a website
for NoD! I think that would help fuel a lot more exposure than we
currently have. Unfortunently , I have minimal skills in this area and can
not even keep our MySpace site updated. (Someone help!)

You could also help in planning launch parties, be a MySpace blogger,
think of exciting new themes for upcoming issues and help me harass people
for grants. I could give you a title! I will write your name on the inside
cover of upcoming issues! Make NoD a part of your life today!

Thanks guys, hopefully I'll be hearing from some of you soon, and let me
know what time on Thursday works best for everyone! Please forward this on
to anyone else you think might be interested.

Felicia Pacentrilli
NoD Editor

Saturday, September 09, 2006

call for submissions: "Canadian Waste" found poetry

we're editing a chapbook of Canadian found poetry
(poetry which is not actually written by the author, but is instead found and recontextualized)
entitled "Canadian Waste"
and we're looking for submissions!
The details:
- we're looking for found poetry -- text-based or visual, black & white or colour by Canadians.
- please send submissions via email to (.doc or .jpg format)
- the deadline is October 15, 2006
- any questions? drop us a line!
Jane Thompson & derek beaulieu.

Friday, September 08, 2006

thanks calgary!

for bringing me in to read and for being so sweet and also hot. even tho i had to pass out after one drink, i had a lovely time.

hugs and kisses,

nikki reimer

Monday, September 04, 2006

Eleventh Transmission #6 online!


This is a short note to let you know that issue #6 of Eleventh Transmission is now online.

In this issue Vivian Hansen shares some fabulous poems inspired by the landscapes of Calgary. There is more great poetry and fiction as well. There are also articles on Calgary businesses, longboarding, poetry readings, Caribana, Ground Zero, and Canada's war in Afghanistan.

We are also now hiring for the positions of Visual Arts Editor and Events Listers. More details can be found on the website.

Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.